what if... you covered you walls in leather?
DESIGNER paneling - This American Pacific series of paneling makes a statement in any decor,
from bold to subtle.
leather wall panels in the kitchen Sandcastle wall panels made to look like paper
LEATHER - This paneling offers the look and feel of
real leather. Available as Library Paneling.
SANDCASTLE - Neutral sands and pearlescent undertones give this paneling a cheery, beach house
feel. Available as Library Paneling.
Ivory Elements designer paneling made to look like venetian plaster designer paneling meat to look like aged porcelain
IVORY ELEMENTS - Abstract patterned paneling provides a nice counterpoint to white decor.
Available as a Library Paneling.
SAHARA - Paneling that evokes the ageless feel of crackled porcelain, a finish made popular in 18th
century France. Available as Library Paneling.
dark stained decorative wood beaded paneling decorative garden seasons penaling
BLACK FOREST - Strong Straight grain marks this richly shaded wood paneling. Available in 2" beadboard or Library paneling.
GARDEN SEASONS - A delicate floral motif paneling with subtle color shades. Available in Library paneling.
robella stripe designer panels
ROBELLA STRIPE- beautiful striped light colored paneling with a subtle grape motif. Available in library paneling.
In addition to the paneling many of the accessories and products featured in this scene are available at designthespace.com.