From the Forest: IWPA President Scott Beggs

IWPA Persident Scott Beggs


Trees are one of nature's most spectacular creations. Trees cool the planet as they absorb heat from the sun. During growth or photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide and rainwater to release oxygen, and store the carbon and water as wood fiber. Powering this whole process is the sun, and to date nothing humans have invented more efficiently utilizes solar energy than trees.

The carbon lifecycle of trees is neutral. The peak of harvestable maturity for a tree exactly corresponds with the time a tree transitions from bring a net consumer of carbon (and a generator of oxygen) to a net consumer of oxygen (and a generator of carbon). When a forest is burned, the carbon is released into our atmosphere, but if the wood is converted into something that will never be burned such as a piano, furniture, or building materials, the carbon is sequestered forever. Further preserving the forest habitat and biodiversity is the process of selectively cutting trees, called reduced impact logging (a technique that has been popularized by the Tropical Forest Foundation, an organization cofounded in 1990 by IWPA members).

The best way to preserve forests is to value forests. The largest source of deforestation in the world today is conversion of land to low efficiency, land-intensive subsistence farming and the misguided "green" efforts that result in clearing forestland for biofuel production.

Fortunately, you can help ensure that international forests are responsibly harvested and replanted.  You can specify international woods in your next project. As you peruse International Wood (visit IWPAwood.org to view the online edition) for aesthetic inspirations and interesting applications, use the IWPA member listing as your guide for sourcing. IWPA written standards for product quality and ethics lead the way for the international trade in wood. IWPA members are the knowledgable and experienced people in international trade of wood.

We invite you to join our association and community and attend our conventions. We are a diverse group of people making a difference all over the world by sustainably managing forests, and we welcome your involvement.

Scott Beggs
Scott Beggs- IWPA President, American Pacific and Design the Space


Southern Hospitality: Better Homes and Gardens Style

American Pacific is proud to be featured in a recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine for our contributions to an award winning kitchen makeover. Homeowners Emily and Kerry Kennedy used American Pacific 4? wood planking painted white on the walls and ceiling of the kitchen, and our 2? beadboard paneling in the pantry to restore the old farmhouse feel to their rural Tennessee home. Even the pantry was given a pop of visual interest with the addition of beadboard paneling behind the dry goods. Even the modern appliances seem to be right at home in this farmhouse setting, thanks to architectural details like the columns and arch above the double stainless steel refrigerators, and the corbeled plate rack hiding the vent hood. We are so glad that the Kennedys chose American Pacific to be a part of their home makeover.

Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen Wainscot


Better Homes and Gardens White Kitchen

Frumpy Farmhouse becomes a Thing of the Past
Decorating Ideas Magazine If you’re a fan of farmhouse style interiors, you know how easy it is to fall into a fashion rut. Dark wood paneling, pine knick-knacks with heart wood cut outs, and gingham ruffles are just a few of the recurring themes in a dated farmhouse style. Thanks to Country Sampler’s Decorating Ideas Magazine, we see how easy it can be to transform a dated farmhouse style into a classic and comfortable space that is very current. Designer Christy Crafton painted a whitewash coating over the bricks, and replaced the shelf above the fireplace with our Kingston mantel in white to set off the focal point of the space. Then she painted the dark wood paneling a buttery cream color and accented the area with country red furnishings. The space no longer looks like Aunt Edna’s old parlor, but has become a functional and beautiful space that the whole family can enjoy
Frumpy Farmhouse turns Chic

Before: Dark wood paneling and red brick fireplace is a dated eyesore. After: Thanks to our Kingston Mantel and a whitewash over the bricks, the fireplace looks brighter and updated.

Spring Makeover: A Lesson from Cavemen
Creative Home Magazine After huddling together in the back of the cave for months on end, early man finally sees a glimpse of sunshine and knows winter is over. He climbs out of his cave to see birds busy building their nests, deer running through the forest, and a mother bear guiding her young. After gazing at the beauty of spring, he turns to look at the home where he spent the winter, and notices something amiss. A rock is out of place. The walls look a bit dingy, and that bear skin rug is “so last eon”. He decides to spruce things up a bit, and from that moment on, early man sets a standard that modern man has been following for centuries: Spring Cleaning.

Take a lesson from the cavemen. Spring is a great time to redecorate. If your home is in need of a spring makeover, check out some great ideas from Better Homes and Gardens’ Creative Home Magazine. We were thrilled to be chosen by designer Joetta Moulden to provide the fireplace mantel in the new room. Paired with some fresh fabrics and a new coat of paint, the new room breathes life into a tired space.

Creative Home Magazine Makes Over an Entire Space with a Simple Mantel Update
Spring is beautiful here in Holly Springs, Mississippi. We love watching the Holly Springs National Forest bloom with vibrant colors and new life. It inspires us to create new and exciting products for your home that are beautiful and good for the environment. In Springtime or anytime, American Pacific wants you to love the way you live.

Heritage Marble Mantels Connect Your House to the White House
Purchase the same Mantel that the White House features in Architectural Digest F

Heritage Marble Mantels like the one shown above can be purchased from American Pacific.

Imagine how it must feel to live in the White House. History surrounds you every where you turn. Now anyone can bring a sense of history into their home, with the American Pacific Heritage Marble Mantel Collection. These marble mantels are created with the highest quality of craftsmanship and cast from original marble mantels that surround the fireplaces of the greatest homes in America. From the White House to your house, American Pacific wants you to love the way you live.

To see our Heritage Marble replica of the White House Mantel, click here.

To see our other quality Marble Mantels, click here.

The stanchions are in the form of Italian sculptor Antonio Canova’s (1757-1822) Dancing Girls, and this mantel design has significant US history with three versions appearing in the White House (the Vermeil Room, the China Room and the Yellow Oval Room).

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to go back. Back in time, that is.

A recent spread in Creative Home magazine shows a 1950s ranch style house that has been transformed from drab and dated to a quaint farmhouse style with the addition of simple wainscot. Wainscot (also known as wainscotting, or wainscoat) is a perfect way to transform boring drywall into interesting and inviting centerpieces of decor for your home. It is typically thought of as a 2 inch white beaded panel, as shown above, but homeowners are no longer limited to that tradition. American Pacific also offers 4 inch beaded panels in a myriad of wood species and finishes from traditional farmhouse to contemporary media room applications, you are sure to find the perfect wainscot addition to your home’s decor.

To see more of our exciting wainscot options at American Pacific, visit our wainscot page.

Creative Home Magazine beautiful mantels living room made elegant with wainscot
classically elegant living and dining room combination beautiful details made possible by wainscot elegant dining room with white wainscot


Installing wood planking - #1 Over Drywall or similar substrate
Solid wood planking from American Pacific is such a beautiful designer addition to any room in your home. Contrary to what you might think, installing planking is also a great weekend project. Almost anyone, armed with a little basic experience and a few basic tools, can pull this off.

In this first PDF, we’ll discuss installing solid wood planking over existing drywall or similar substrate. You can choose vertical or horizontal installation, even ceiling installation.

Download these easy installation instructions and you’ll be well on your way to a room any decorator would be proud of. Just click on the link below:


Good luck! Next: solid wood planking installation over studs.

Paneling Takes Center Stage
Think “outside the box” with paneling. You no longer have to confine it to 8ft walls or use it as a “cover up” for tired or damaged surfaces. If you consider panels a style element, the possibilities are endless.

One homeowner faced unique challenges when combining a new addition with an existing structure: 1. Transition old and new functionally, 2. Do something with the kitchen’s “popcorn” ceiling, 3. Incorporate contemporary design elements with traditional styling, 4. Keep the new design within budget.

The solution? The homeowner unified the new addition with the existing space using 4in. Beadboard. The choice of 4 inch lent a retro feel to the spaces while allowing more contemporary elements to be incorporated. The new butler’s pantry features the panel behind cabinetry and as a backsplash. The kitchen itself incorporates bead board paneling on the walls, backsplash, ceiling, and range hood. Because the homeowner wanted a coffered ceiling in spite of 8ft limitations, the beadboard became the perfect solution using 1ft millwork as trim.

Designer Tips You Can Follow:

1. Incorporate panels or planking into the design of islands and built-in furniture.

2. Use panels throughout the home as a unifying element.

3. Consider that pre-finished beadboard is a quick and easy design solution.

4. If you choose unfinished panels, use semi-gloss paint as a durable and excellent surface material.

5. Remember that paneling complements any style, whether modern, traditional, or anything in between.

Remember, this is not your mom and dad’s paneling. If you think of the 70’s dark, unrealistic styles, think again. At American Pacific, we work to design new and exciting colors, patterns, and finishes that make paneling a true design element for your home. Our traditional wood species are rich, beautifully grained, and durable. If your style leans toward traditional woods, we offer cherry, oak, maple, and ready to paint birch panels. We also produce these panels with a variety of groove cuts, from 2in. beadboard and wainscot, the 4in. mentioned above, and library panels, perfect for a subtle complement to bookcases or studies.

Want to add some rustic charm to a country style home or vacation hideaway? Consider one of our rustic panels like Western Red Cedar, with the rich color and natural variations that mark this species, or Swampland Cypress, with the color undertones that mark this wood. Perhaps you want a more subtle rustic grain. Take a look at Natural Ash. This neutral panel is at home with any color scheme.

The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run. Or, call or email us at American Pacific. Describe your particular project and let us help you. At American Pacific, we want you to love the way you live.

beautiful Sahara Paneling
Beautiful Sahara paneling was created to replicate the look of an 18th century porcelain technique

leather kitchen paneling
Our Leather Panels are a perfect backdrop to a bistro styled kitchen.

beautiful solid wood paneling can make any room feel palatial
Cherry Library Panels are an inexpensive yet elegant alternative traditional wood paneling.

dark beadboard paneling adds a comtemporary and edgy feel
Black Forest Paneling is an elegant twist on traditional two inch beadboard.